Thursday, November 12, 2009

Currently Working.

So I'm beginning a new series. It is a desconstructive type of painting. Taking an element/technique out of painting and giving it its own rite of visual passage. For example, the first painting I have done began as four big splatters of paint placed within the composition in a manner that creates a pleasant visual tension/melody (however you look at it). Then and attacked the painting by outlining and toning the values of the splatters. This enables these splatters to really become something more than they are. They become forms expressing a variety of aesthetics that are intrinsic to the splatter. Spending a lot of time with a small brush working heavily with subtle and small details on such an expressive quick form allows me time to really take in everything that the splash represents in a painting. The painting turned out much lighter than anything I've ever done. And the sense of dramatism the splatter envokes rings thoroughly.

This is easily the best painting I hope I've ever done. Pictures soon. We will wait til I have plenty to share.

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