Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I thought these paintings were getting better and better. This one feels a little rough on the edges. Sometimes I just have to stop before I over work the painting. Maybe way later in the future I can tweek out the parts that I'll notice every time I glance over at it from the next paintings I start. This is another take on red. Leaning more toward oranges and yellows. Or another take on Yellow. Leaning more toward reds. however you see it. I've been taking "start the painting with this color" suggestions from Katelyn. That is usually the place I get stuck at it. The beginning. But, once I get rollin, its hard to stop. Kinda like when you learn how to ride a bike without training wheels.
Originally the central dark "hole" in the composition was not there. It was all red and orange like the rest of the "subject matter". It read too flat. So I made a drastic change and just visually cut a hole through it. Then just to be clever I pulled the brown background color through behind the orange/red/yellow. This really made the central vertical bright stop pop forward. To me it feels like a hot handle.

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