Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hello My Name is... Pliny

This is Pliny. Squid turned out to be a challenge to pull off in my style of abstraction. Mostly because of my line techniques. I abandoned the rules of how someone should paint a squid and decided to just try to capture the essence of a squid rather than keep up with how many tentacles he had and what order they were in. I recently saw the Melvins live, I'd say I painted a squid like Buzz plays guitar chords. No rules and feeling right about it.

I gave him the name Pliny after Pliny the Elder who wrote Naturalis Historia around the first century. It is one of the largest surviving texts from the Roman Empire and in it Pliny the Elder described a giant squid with a head the size of a cask and 30 foot tentacles weighing 700lbs.

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