Sunday, August 9, 2009

For short, I dubbed them Blobs.

Soon, I will have new pictures of new works I have newly created. There is a new direction in these. They are a sort of realistic rendering of imaginary abstract forms. These forms seem cloudy. They also seem to grow into or form atmospherically upon the composition. For short, I have dubbed them "blobs".

Due to recent disputes and occurrences around the gallery, I have been pushing my color palette and application techniques with acrylic paint to whatever limits I am possible. Oil painters are dead set. Way back when folks. Acrylic paints can perform just as well as oils, as long as you know how to use them. And the best part, they do it faster, giving you the opportunity to keep working and producing more and more work, gaining more and more practice, becoming better and better. I ain't got a day to wait for that shit to dry.

In other news, to keep you busy until these new photos arrive, I am providing a link to Flying A friend, James Fay, is one of the photographers there. He has quite the eye. we are working on a t-shirt design for the company. It's looking nice.

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